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Wellbeing for mind and body to ensure a vibrant and meaningful life.

How does it work?

All you need to have is the desire to progress. May it be your athletic performance, your ability to handle family, your career, and other commitments at the same time, or to stay mentally and physically fit after retirement. With a personal coach on your side, you will access tools and techniques from the wide fields of modern hypnosis and coaching. Create awareness and habits where your body and mind will thrive and progress. You will notice it in all areas of your life - it is that simple.

Why choose Time IN?

As a coach and mentor I have a mission: Accompany each individual client with concepts, techniques, and tools to reach their goals. I prepare according to my client's needs, situation, and plan of action. With TimeIN many people started already a journey of discovering unknown traits about themselves. Personal growth is not a linear path, it comes with curves, insights, and understanding.


Frequently asked questions

Does hypnosis and NLP work for everybody?

Yes, TIME IN offers modern and advanced techniques that work for everyone and all situations.

Do I have to commit to several sessions?

NO, but TIME IN focuses on the long run. Personal transformation and growth is a process from within. Insights and new understandings are applied in everyday life and come with new challenges and often confirmation or rejection by others. TIME In accompanies you through those moments to stay on your journey. The future unfolds in its own rhythm and can´t be changed in one single magical session. 

What can I expect from a TIME IN session?

Each session is adapted to you and your own unique journey. We work directly with the part of the mind and/or body that is connected to the issue. We go little by little and at your pace according to your needs and abilities. For more information about what a session looks like click here

What benefits does a TIME IN session offer?

You will gain an understanding of the capacities of your body and mind to be able to enjoy the stage of life in which you find yourself. You will feel empowered to pursue your goals. Start your journey by clicking here.

Shall we start?

TIME IN can be enjoyed through individual sessions or through our program. Allow yourself to release what does not serve you and learn the tools that will empower you to achieve your goals.