Time IN Sessions: What you can expect

Before we start

First-time clients receive a pre-consultation at no additional cost. This is just a simple exchange between you and me so that I can understand your background and be prepared for the first session. It can be via a telephone call, whatsapp messages or emails.

A typical session for first-time clients

There is no typical TIME IN session. Every session is unique, just like each client. However you can expect the first session to:

  • Start with an assessment to narrow down the problematic areas that are holding you back right now.
  • Together we set reachable goals and understand how I will accompany you during the next period 
  • Get a first glance at the processes and mechanisms of the human mind to gain insight and perspective on your situation
  • Get used to working together with your own coach: 
    • Creating a safe environment where we can open up and start to focus on ourself and start to flourish 
    • Hypnotic exercises (suggestibility tests, trance states, visualizations, and reflection)

End of the session

We conclude each session with a reflection on the outcomes and achievements. The times between the sessions are what matter. Be active and apply the tools and insights you have gained in the session. Reflect on everyday situations where you notice a difference. Use the momentum independently until the next session.

Follow up session

Your own experiences and observations since the last session are the starting point. I avoid rigid solutions or one answer fits all concepts. Time changes and so are our needs. To keep thriving and growing requires different ideas and applications. The sensation of accomplishment combined with a better understanding of internal processes creates quickly an immense leverage for well-being and life.

During the sessions, I will apply the techniques that have proven to work best for your body and mind. In the long term, exercises will be deepened and expanded to enable a lifelong journey of personal growth and resilience.

All coaching and hypnotic mentoring techniques are designed to bounce off each other and reinforce a better quality of life.​

Everybody is welcome. Every situation will be addressed. I encourage you to bring any concern you want to deal with.

Thanks to a circular and systematic approach your specific situation will be attended to and you will think, feel and act on a new level.

Questions, doubts or worries?