You may not have heard of me yet.
You might meet me once by chance.
Or you might consider trying TIME IN for real.
You may not have met me yet.
You might meet me ONE TIME.
Or you might consider trying TIME IN for a while.

About me

You pressed the right button to find out more about your personal coach. Right now I am probably working in my virtual office – supporting clients on their path – or walking through olive groves and almond fields of the Mediterranean landscape close to the Costa Blanca. Dedicating time and effort to concepts of hypnosis and coaching. Creating bridges between theory and the daily problems and concerns of my clients as a personal coach. But before reaching this point there is a story that has not yet ended and that is fully evolving.

I was born in Europe. In a country that doesn’t exist anymore. I grew up in a town with more farm animals than inhabitants. I went to a school in the next town over and later to a big city to study society and politics, its structures, ideas, and motivations. Thanks to my family I was fortunate enough to choose my path. In the years following university, I worked in different cities and NGOs. I worked with people not as fortunate as myself. Most of them had left their country to find a better life elsewhere. Many with past traumatic experiences and uncertain futures ahead. As a companion, I showed them what they could do and how they could do it to follow their path in an unknown environment. But they were the ones who decided how the tasks were carried out. Success is often based on trust, persistence, and simple collaboration.

At a professional level, I learned to be a support when people stumbled. Instead of focusing on the “problem”, I am trained to look at the process from a systematic perspective. From my own experience, I know that it is possible to achieve what one thinks is impossible with a companion, educator, personal coach, or whatever you want to call it. Someone with the right tools, who teaches you how to use them and shows you the direction. Of course, the effort to walk a new path has to be done by oneself…  

After a couple of turns in my life, I am in Spain. Thanks to that I was able to advance and study the body and its anatomy and physiology in all its complexity, possibilities, and limitations. I learned that the human body has its own language, a language that it uses to communicate between its parts and systems. And it seems to speak in riddles when it comes to the connection between body and mind. Everything seemed very different from what I was used to until one day it wasn’t.

I love communication and I love people. And those two things can fulfill a lifetime with study and practice. It’s very enriching to be aware of different world views and how we influence each other within society. After many years of study and practice, TIME IN was created, based on all my teachers and mentors that inspired me to become who I now am. I am fortunate to have the rest of my life to try out, learn and teach those around me and keep growing little by little.

Wellbeing goes beyond the absence and prevention of disease. It encompasses the idea of achieving a vibrant and meaningful life. 

Questions, doubts or worries?