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Happy Retirement

Many people are looking after decades of work, family obligations, and a structured life for the perfect spin-off for a happy retirement. With time and energy ready for use everything seems within reach. All seniors bring a bag full of life experience, emotional topics, and personal preferences into this new phase of life. The quality of retirement relies on how those resources are used and applied in different contexts of life. Everybody creates their life path by walking it. Most seniors get now and then overpowered by the dynamics and challenges happening at once. Testing their beliefs and good intentions to care for themself and truly taking center stage in life.

As a personal coach, I keep things simple to create a happy retirement based on mental and physical well-being. After many years as a Mentor, I support seniors to set the 3 main foundations for a long-term happy retirement.

A clear mind

A youthful body

A supportive community

All those three elements represent the big picture of what is known as a happy retirement. 

Together it makes up a system that can be maintained until the last day of life. Together impacting how you perceive yourself and others around you. Many seniors struggle with the practical implementation besides the best intentions. Missing the necessary clarity about their actual situation, past and future. With step-by-step guidance, it becomes much easier to reflect and make decisions based on life experience, values, and personal beliefs.

Leading to a healthier and balanced lifestyle and more quality during the golden years of their lives. If you are looking for ways to live your very own happy retirement book a free call and we will identify your biggest challenges at the moment and how to overcome them. Feel free to check to check the other page about me, the benefits of brain fitness or physical fitness.


Cultural backgrounds, age, injuries, and previous experiences and attitudes will be taken into account so you can feel safe and comfortable.

Benefits for various areas of life

TIME IN hypnotic mentoring sessions help you with

Unleash your optimal performance

Invite calm and relaxation into your life

Maintain a healthy aging process

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