Hypnotic Mentoring

Hypnosis and Trance are as old as human history. From its very basic beginning, it’s been used to overcome fears, face challenges and overcome difficult periods in life. It is a common state of mind and happens daily. Usually, it passes away as easily as it has come. It’s a perception of time. You might have noticed it while driving that your thoughts fade away and you forget about Time. Under professional guidance, it can become a very powerful  experience for most people.

You might have already been hypnotized or have seen somebody under the influence of trance. At first glance, it seems that the hypnotist has control over his subject. While taking a moment and looking closely it reveals a process and relationship between two people based on trust and openness.  Trance is the state to discover your own resources, set reachable goals, and understand what is holding you back from a more fulfilled life. I work with various techniques to create hypnotic states. As a Coach, I combine hypnosis with other empowering coaching tools. I will accompany and guide you step by step through your own process. 

For everybody, it is different depending on your character, mood, and state of mind. Most people find the hypnotic state very pleasant and it comes without side effects or any effort. Hypnosis mobilizes internal resources whether they are conscious or not. If all this is new for you we will clarify any questions and doubts before starting.

Cultural backgrounds, age, injuries, and previous experiences and attitudes will be taken into account so you can feel safe and comfortable.

According to your goals hypnotic mentoring includes the following:

  • Hypnotic suggestions
  • Future visualizations
  • Past experiences
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Fields of application

TIME IN hypnotic mentoring sessions help you with

Unleash your optimal performance

Invite calm and relaxation into your life

Maintain a healthy aging process

Questions, doubts or worries?