It All Started In 2023

Time IN is your place if you are looking for a personalized massage in Valencia. I have been welcoming clients to my studio since the beginning of 2023 and I am so happy to see all these people investing in their well-being. With many clients, I exchange ideas and exercises on how to stay active and make life easier. I start each session with a physical evaluation while listening to the clients own assessment of their conditions. The primary focus is to identify individual body posture and muscle imbalances. Based on the findings and the conversations with my clients, we then choose tailored techniques to really make it one of the best massages in Valencia. Most of my clients are expats and tourists in Valencia, who appreciate the ease of talking in English or German.

I really enjoy seeing my clients get better over time. Massage has been around forever and it is a wonderful tool that allows people to prevent injuries, gain resilience and stay flexible for any physical challenge in life. From my experience, it is best to invest the time and money to get a massage every 2-3 weeks to be able to perform in all areas of life. I feel very lucky to offer professional massage and bodywork in Valencia. The techniques I apply during the sessions are based on the Mediterranean Quiromassage, a great way to take care of your body and reap future benefits when it shines with flexibility and resilience. 

The Better Choice For A Massage In Valencia

I know from my own experience that you can find a large number of mobile massage services and studios in Valencia City. The majority offers a standard massage with the same movements and strokes for all clients all over again. Without a doubt, it can create a relaxing experience you might like or not. I personally doubt that it creates long-term benefits for the body and the mind. 

I started Time IN because I want to show that massage and bodywork can be so much more than just a feeling of relaxation. Within the appropriate application, it has so many benefits for all different body systems. In most cases, it is not intended for recovery from serious injuries and illness but sets the base for flexibility and strength to conquer everyday life. 

On Eyelevel With My Clients

For a human body to perform at its best it needs care and nurturing. Professional athletes swear by regular sessions with their massage therapist to give back to the body and to be able to rely on it during the next training sessions and competitions. I decided to include massage and bodywork as the main columns for the work with my clients. Next to the actual massage and bodywork, I share my knowledge and insights about physiology and body concepts. Understanding is key for personal growth because you can base future decisions on it in favor of your well-being. This concept is one of the many reasons why TimeIn stands out among the different places to get a massage in Valencia.

I want to thank all the people in the last month that joined me in my studio. Sharing their experience and getting a personalized and proper massage according to their actual needs in life and preference. If you are interested in how massage and bodywork are beneficial for you and how I combine them with hypnotic coaching to improve the quality of life of my clients, please check out the following links. They will lead you to the different fields of application TimeIN offers.

  • Optimal Performance
  • Relax & Ease
  • 3rd Age

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